Health systems are recognised as complex adaptive systems, with high levels of uncertainty and constant change. This means that they are inherently ambiguous and that they lack predictable outcomes or clear boundaries. With time these systems become more complex.The emergence of AI-based technologies is a godsend as it will play a key role in enhancing the cognitive skills required for these complex systems and at the same time remain relevant with deep learning.

Future of Healthcare

Some of the major changes powered by AI in healthcare are:
Patient data management
The use of interconnected medical devices (IoT), has helped in collecting massive aggregates of data. Medical professionals are using enhanced AI analysis with this massive data set in their decision making.
Online & Digital clinics
As more and more medical consultations are moving to digital and online spaces, a huge number of patient interactions, data management, and the distribution of care teams will be mediated using AI-based systems, where these AI systems will manage and plan according to patient’s self-identified objectives.
New job roles & professions
With the emergence of AI in healthcare, cognitive and physical tasks, previously the reserved for professional experts will be revised and distributed among the medical staff with different levels of know-how. Also, there would be an emergence of new jobs, which may include data scientists, software developers, and even smart machines.
Patient-Driven healthcare
Future health systems will be patient-driven, where the medical staff and the care teams will be interdisciplinary, loosely connected, and would include smart AI systems, as patients will interact with caregivers, across a broad range of occupations some of which are only beginning to emerge.

Why IntelliHub AI?

We at IntelliHub believe in providing better healthcare solutions without taking short cuts. We can provide smart healthcare solutions using artificial intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), and blockchain, without any compromise on ethical standards, accuracy or data privacy.Our AI solutions for tracking vitals, identification of anomalies and patient progress can help medical professionals focus their attention and efforts on providing better care to their patients and conduct new research using larger datasets.

Use Cases